Is Your Child Scared of Dentist?

Children have dental anxiety just like many adults do. It is normal for children to be leery at the dental office since it is a new environment for them. Here at The Dental Anesthesia Center, we strive to make every child feel comfortable and involved.

Some children who are experiencing anxiety and are unable to cooperate for needed dental treatment can benefit from anesthesia services.

When you and your child come in for your appointment, Dr. Hoffmann. Dr. Thoms or Dr. Daugherty will decide which option is the best for your child depending on their anxiety level and cooperation. We look forward to meeting you!

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Positivity is Key!!!

What You Can Do to Help Your Child

Child’s first dental visit parents play a vital role in making visit a positive experience by "setting the stage.”  Any fear or anxiety presented by parents will be "picked up" by the child. 

  • Parents can help ease their child's dental anxiety by simply bringing them along to their own dental appointment. When a child sees their parents being able to go to dentist this lets them know it is ok and not scary place... Even introducing child to the dental office’s waiting room a few days before dental visit a couple times. This will help child feel that it is a familiar place.


  • Please do not express to your child that something will HURT or be painful. This will ONLY increase your child’s anxiety. Our main goal here is to relieve our patients out of discomfort and restore their mouth back to a healthy state. We strive to make all of our patients as comfortable as possible.


  • Do not share with your child about an unpleasant dental occurrence that you have experienced. This will increase your child anxiety and make then feel that your experience will happen to them. THINK POSITIVE!  Your energy will rub off onto your child if you are sending out negativity to your child about the dentist. 

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