Extensive Treatment Plans and Sleep Dentistry

At the Dental Anesthesia Center in St. Louis, we’ve been working in the sedation dentistry field for over 30 years. Sedation dentistry may be an excellent option for patients who require extensive treatment plans in St. Louis.

Sedation and sleep dentistry are becoming more and more common as patients who suffer from extreme anxiety or physical disabilities seek proper dental treatment. It is even more common for patients to get into extensive treatment plans, meaning surgeries or other complex procedures, which lie outside of the realm of basic checkups and cleanings.

Almost half of the dental practices in the US are offering some form of sedation along with their standard dental practice, as more and more of the public is learning about it and seeking it out.

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If you believe that you need sedation along with your extensive treatment plan, we highly recommend calling us and scheduling a consultation with one of our sedation dentists. We will discuss your treatment and the types of sedation available to you during your visit based on your medical profile.

Is Sedation Right For Your Extensive Treatment Plan?

One of the first things that we will get into during a consultation is whether or not sedation is the answer for you during your extensive treatment plan. You must be willing to provide the necessary information to answer this question, such as your medical history, whether or not you have a fear of the dentist, etc.

At this time, you and the dentist should be able to figure out if sedation is a good fit, and if so, what type of sedation may work best in your case.

Understanding Sedation

If you plan on having sedation in the St. Louis area, it is worth knowing that not all dentists are qualified to give you certain types of sedation. For example, general anesthesia requires a special certification.

Deep sedation, General Anesthesia Dentistry, is referred to as “Sleep Dentistry.” Using this method, there is no memory of the procedure. Dentists who provide this method require a two-year Dental Anesthesiology Residency or an Oral Surgery Residency. This level of sedation is typically recommended for individuals unable to tolerate dental treatment due to mental or physical reasons.

What Are Some Extensive Treatments or Procedures That Might Require Sedation?

Sedation can be an excellent tool for those patients who fear going to the dentist, though it is not always recommended. However, for invasive treatments, we highly recommend sedation of some sort. These treatments or procedures take a long time and typically require the patient to be as still as possible throughout the process.

Sedation can help to shorten the overall process. Here are some of the most common extensive procedures that may require some form of dental sedation:

  • Dental Implants – Sedation can be a huge help during a dental implant procedure, as these procedures tend to take a long time. Sedation can seemingly shorten the length of the procedure overall.
  • Wisdom Tooth Removal – Wisdom teeth often need to be extracted as they erupt later in life and will typically be difficult to keep clean. The difficulty of wisdom tooth removal can vary, as some wisdom teeth are hidden while others are about ready to come out. To make this extensive treatment seem less traumatic, many dentists suggest sedation.

For extensive treatment plans in the St. Louis area, call us today at (314) 862-7844 to set up an appointment! We look forward to meeting you.