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Understanding Full Mouth Reconstruction

If you feel that your mouth is past the point of no return in terms of dental work, it may be time for a full mouth reconstruction procedure.

Full mouth reconstruction, as the name implies, is a rebuild or replacement of all of the teeth within a patient’s mouth. There are many reasons why dentists are asked to perform full mouth reconstructions. We combine the science of restorative dentistry with aesthetics to help improve the overall functionality, beauty, and health of a patient’s mouth.

If you have been thinking of making an appointment for a full mouth reconstruction procedure, we’re here to provide you with all of the information to decide which procedure is right for you.

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What Kinds of Patients Undergo Full Mouth Reconstructions?

There is no limit to the type of patient that we see seeking full mouth reconstruction in St. Louis, whether it is for the function of the mouth or the overall aesthetics of the mouth. Most of these patients have severe dental problems throughout their mouths, which require comprehensive treatment to bring their mouths to a final and positive result.

Many of these patients who seek out full mouth reconstruction have numerous teeth with large fillings, decaying teeth, cracked or broken teeth, missing teeth, or teeth that are worn down due to bruxism.

On the other hand, there are patients with certain conditions, such as Ameliogenesis, Ectodermal Dysplasia, or Dentinogenesis Imperfecta, who require extensive restoration treatments to improve the overall health and function of their teeth. These are patients who we deem prime candidates for full mouth reconstruction.

What Does Treatment Look Like For Full Mouth Reconstruction?

Full mouth reconstruction, otherwise known as full mouth rehabilitation, is any general extensive dental treatment that is set to affect all of the teeth within the mouth. The type of treatment depends on the patient and what we deem is necessary to get to the final product they seek.

For example, we have many patients with oral cancer who require specialized full mouth reconstruction. In this case, we might have to restore the missing structures within the oral cavity alongside the replacement of missing or broken teeth.

From crowns to onlays to veneers to bridges to dental implants to dentures and beyond, treatments can greatly vary when the ultimate goal is a complete smile makeover. For certain patients, we may even seek out applying orthodontics to facilitate the most positive end result.

Not only are our treatments geared to leave you with an improved look, but also geared to leave you with better jaw efficiency overall.

Why Choose The Dental Anesthesia Center?

Here at the Dental Anesthesia Center in St. Louis, we’ve been providing our patients with combined sleep dentistry and cutting-edge technology to find the best possible outcomes with all of our procedures.

Many people out there dream of full mouth reconstruction procedures to get their mouths where they want them to be, though many of those same people have deep-rooted fear or other health complications that keep them from seeking proper dental care.

We specialize in working with these unique patients to create a comfortable and painless experience so that they can walk away with the smile that they have always dreamed of, as well as the security of knowing that their oral health is in check.

Making Your First Appointment

It is important that you come in for a consultation with one of our dentists to talk about the possibility of a full mouth reconstruction. Our team of highly-trained professionals often work together to accomplish a task of this scale, and we promise that we will do everything in our power to leave you feeling confident about your treatment.

For the best full mouth reconstruction in St. Louis, MO, make sure to give us a call at (314) 862-7844 to schedule your first appointment. We look forward to meeting and working with you!

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The Only Board Certified Dental Anesthesiologist in Missouri, including the St. Louis Metro Area.

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