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The only board-certified dental anesthesiologist in Missouri, including the St. Louis.

Dr. Michael Hoffmann and Dr. Sean Thoms are general dentists board-certified in general anesthesia and deep sedation by the Missouri Dental Board. General anesthesia or deep sedation is also called “ Sleep Dentistry.” General anesthesia is administered to put the patient completely to sleep before the procedure begins.

Understanding Sleep Dentistry

Deep sedation, or sleep dentistry, is administered intravenously. It places the patient in an unconscious, non-responsive state. With deep sedation, the patient will not remember the procedure or experience any pain or discomfort. This level of sedation is typically recommended for patients who cannot tolerate dental treatment due to mental or physical reasons.

sleep dentist st. louis

Who Benefits from Sleep Dentistry

Sleep dentistry can benefit many different types of patients. For patients who have severe dental anxiety or phobia, deep sedation allows them to receive the dental treatment they need in a comfortable and relaxed state. Nearly half of people with dental problems avoid dental care because of their fears and anxiety. Modern, safe anesthesia techniques allow the fearful patient to have dental procedures accomplished without the anxiety associated with dentistry.

Individuals with physical or mental disabilities can achieve complete dental care in a comfortable setting. Sleep dentistry provides a safe and effective way for patients with special needs to receive the dental treatment they need. Patients can have a complete exam, an entire mouth series of X-rays, and a thorough cleaning while under general anesthesia.

Get to Know Our Dentists

We have only two general dentists certified in deep sedimentation and general anesthesiology in Missouri.

  • Dr. Michael Hoffmann – Dentists who provide this method require a two-year Dental Anesthesiology or Oral Surgery Residency. Michael J. Hoffmann, DDS, received his dental degree in 1988 from the University of Texas Health and Science Center in San Antonio. He completed residencies in Hospital Dentistry and Dental Anesthesiology. He was the first general dentist in the Saint Louis area, certified in Deep Sedation and General Anesthesiology by the Missouri Dental Board.
  • Dr. Sean Thoms – Sean M. Thoms, DMD, MS received his Bachelor’s degree from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville in 2008, his Master’s degree (M.S.) in Biomedical Science in 2009 from Barry University, and his Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD) from Southern Illinois University School of Dental Medicine in 2013. After graduating from dental school, he continued his education by attending a three-year Dental Anesthesiology residency at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC). He is certified by the Missouri Dental Board to provide deep sedimentation and general anesthesia for dental procedures.

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The only board-certified dental anesthesiologist in Missouri, including St. Louis.