What Does it Feel Like When the Dentist Numbs Your Mouth?

Avoiding your dental appointment because of fear or anxiety about your dental procedure will only make things worse.

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There is a reason why people don’t always look forward to going to the dentist. There are times when oral care is not very comfortable. Avoiding the dentist will only make things worse but, take heart, there are a lot of ways to have oral procedures done so that you won’t even feel them.

According to the Mayo Clinic, some research suggests that there may be a link between oral hygiene, heart disease, dementia, and diabetes. This is just one reason why maintaining good oral habits, and going to the dentist is so essential to your overall health. Not just about aesthetics, although that is very important too, taking care of your teeth is integral to promote good health all the way around.

What does a dentist mean when they say they are going to “numb” your mouth?

Numbing is an excellent way to take away the pain of a dental procedure or treatment. Numbing your mouth requires either the use of nitrous oxide or “laughing gas,” an injection of medicine, or an oral pill. It is a great way to take away the sensation of both minor and complex dental procedures that don’t require heavy sedation.

The best type to use to give your mouth a numbing sensation depends on what your medical history is, your age, and the complexity of what you are having done. Numbing and oral sedation are even excellent tools to use for someone who is highly anxious about going to the dentist. Not only numbing your physical pain, but it can also help you deal with any anxiety that you are having so that you can sit back and relax in the dentist chair.

How long does your mouth remain numb?

When your mouth is numb, it causes you to lose control over the muscles in your mouth. That gives you a sensation like your mouth is asleep. Numbing of the mouth lasts for about an hour and may last even after the procedure is complete.

During the time that your mouth is numb, it is important not to eat things that are hard or chewy. Since you can’t feel anything, it is possible to hurt your mouth and be completely unaware. So, it is best to stick to soft foods until you can feel your lips and mouth again.

Discuss Your Options With your Dentist

There are many tools at a dentist’s disposal to help you get through an oral procedure without hardly feeling it. Depending on what you are having done, it is a good idea to sit down and discuss your concerns and options with the dentist.

Your age, your medical history, and your anxiety level will all be factors in deciding what type of sedation is best for you. Numbing is an excellent tool because it allows you not to feel anything until the medicine is worn off. It might feel a little weird, but it is a better alternative than feeling the pain of a dental procedure.

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Updated: February 6, 2024

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