IV Sedation to Ease Severe Dental Anxiety

The purpose of IV sedation is to make the anxious patient feel comfortable while they undergo a dental procedure.

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A smile can go miles and make the world a wonderful place. A good set of teeth is a great asset and can make a person’s smile charming and attractive. The paradox is that though everyone wants to have beautiful teeth and the best smile, many find the dentist’s chair terrifying.

However, modern techniques seek to improve the situation. Sedation dentistry enables the patient to be absolutely calm during the treatment. Moreover, the patient can undergo extensive treatment and get back a healthy smile painlessly. In this article, we will discuss how IV sedation can help patients with extreme anxiety.

Understanding IV Sedation

The purpose of IV sedation is to make the anxious patient feel comfortable while they undergo a dental procedure. It also aims at helping those who have to go through extensive dental procedures and oral surgeries.

IV sedation is administered intravenously. This is more suitable because the dentist can control the level of sedation and customize it according to the patient’s need for comfort.

People sometimes have the impression that IV sedation is like anesthesia, that it makes the patient unconscious. But this is not true. In fact, the patient is conscious and completely relaxed. He can respond to questions and even feel the touch slightly. But he does not experience any pain. Often, he does not remember anything about the procedure. He is awake throughout so there is no fear of lung or heart complications.

The IV sedation dentists have to acquire the necessary qualifications and undergo extensive training before they take up the job. They also need to be trained in Advanced Cardiac Life Support.

Things to do Before and After the Procedure

A person who opts for sedation dentistry treatment must find someone to escort him home after the procedure because the influence of sedation remains for quite some time. He should not drink or eat anything for 12 hours before the treatment. He should wear comfortable clothes, should not wear contacts and oral appliances when he visits the dentist. If he uses some medicines he must consult his doctor and the dentist about it before undergoing the procedure.

The IV medication is administered by inserting an IV into a vein prior to the procedure. The medication has a quick effect. The dental staff uses electronic equipment to keep a watch on the heart function of the patient during the treatment. After completing the procedure the IV is removed and the patient is permitted to go home.

The patient may feel dazed for some hours. After the procedure, he must not use heavy machinery or drive for 24 hours. He can get back to his normal activities on the following day.

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Updated: March 25, 2022

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