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Way to go Miss Vivian! We are so proud of you!

Miss Vivian had her first dental visit at The Dental Anesthesia Center with her Daddy, Michael. Once a child has their first tooth erupted or by their first birthday, they should be seen for their first dental visit. It is important to get children introduced to going to their pediatric dentist at a young age, so they are familiar.


Positivity is KEY!!

Child’s first dental visit parents play a vital role in making the visit a positive experience by “setting the stage.” Any fear or anxiety presented by parents will be “picked up” by the child.

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Call The Dental Anesthesia Center, to make your child’s first dental appointment (314) 862-7844.

Every child grows 20 primary teeth, usually by the age of 3. These teeth are gradually replaced by the age of 12 or so with a full set of 28 permanent teeth, and later on, four molars called “wisdom teeth.”

It is essential that a child’s primary teeth are healthy because their development sets the stage for permanent teeth. If primary teeth become diseased or do not grow in properly, chances are greater than their permanent replacements will suffer the same fate. For example, poorly formed primary teeth that don’t erupt properly could crowd out spaces reserved for other teeth. Space maintainers can sometimes be used to correct this condition if it is spotted early enough.

P.S. There is nothing like your Dental Hygienist photobombing your picture 😉

Updated: March 25, 2022

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