4 Sedation Dentistry Myths Busted

Although the number of patients that are treated through sedation dentistry is rising, some may still be relatively skeptical about this procedure.

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Whether is an exaggeration of the risks involved or a lack of trust in the medical staff, some patients will refuse sedation dentistry even though it might help them receive the treatment they need.

While there are certain risks that certainly need to be taken into account by your St. Louis sedation dentist and the patient, many times all it takes is debunking some of the myths that have been circulating about sedation dentistry out of fear and lack of knowledge.

If you are about to have a lengthy procedure or if you have trouble dealing with anxiety when you go to the dentist, ask your doctor to tell you more about sedation dentistry, as it may be the best option for you. Don’t hesitate to ask any questions you may have and mention your worries to your doctor.

Until you get to have a discussion with the dentist in person, here are some of the most common myths about sedation dentistry that you can dismiss.

MYTH: Sedation Dentistry Only Works For Lengthy Procedures

Many people have the wrong impression that sedation dentistry should only be reserved (or that it is only reserved) for big, complex operations. While this is indeed a type of situation where sedation comes in handy, it might be recommended by the dentist in other cases as well, such as patients with anxiety issues, children or patients with special needs and other conditions that make the dental procedures hard to perform.

MYTH: Anyone Can Get Sedation Dentistry

When you know that such a great help exists for patients with anxiety, you might be tempted to choose sedation dentistry for all the procedures you need, or at least the ones that make you nervous. Similarly, if you have a difficult patient in your care (such as a small child or a senior citizen), you think they should definitely be given sedatives to cope with the treatment. Unfortunately, not everyone is fit to be sedated, and the doctor will explain to you if it’s right for you or not.

MYTH: It Is Dangerous for Anyone to be Sedated

At the other end of the spectrum are the people who think sedation is really bad for anyone. While risks are not to be ignored in any case, they are most of the times controllable and don’t present a real danger for the patient. Trusting your St. Louis sedation dentist is crucial for the procedures to be as smooth as possible.

MYTH: You Will Always Be Knocked out and Unconscious

Many myths surrounding sedation dentistry involve knocked out patients and various scenarios beginning from that. The truth is, there are different levels of sedation. In many cases, you are kept conscious and capable of communicating. The level of sedation that is right for you is best discussed with your sedation dentist.

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There are some other myths that we have encountered about sedation dentistry, but the ones above seem to be recurrent. If you have any doubts about sedation, asking your doctor about it is the best way of clearing things in your mind.

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Updated: September 28, 2022

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