When Is It Too Soon for My Child to Lose His Baby Teeth?

The natural process of losing baby teeth should be expected somewhere around 6 years of age.

Children grow amazingly fast in the first years of life, and parents are sometimes taken by surprise by this rollercoaster of mental leaps and growth spurts that come one after the other. Witnessing such rapid development is a delightful spectacle, but it can also leave some of us a bit confused and unsure of what’s going on with our little ones.

While it is helpful to hear experiences from other parents and look at growth and development charts, comparing your child to others can generally be irrelevant and may even be harmful for your emotions. However, certain standards are meant to be met to rule out any abnormalities and underlying issues.

With baby teeth, it is not possible to predict exactly what the growth rate will be, nor how fast will they be replaced by permanent ones. However, it is good to know that certain exceeded limits can be considered a symptom of a bigger problem.

My Child Lost His Baby Teeth Too Soon

Your St. Louis pediatric dentist will tell you that the natural process of losing baby teeth should be expected somewhere around 6 years of age. If your child is losing one or more of his baby teeth sooner than that, there may be something else causing it.

The main possible causes of premature baby teeth loss are trauma and tooth decay. If the tooth loss is sudden and associated with pain, you should have your child checked by a dentist. They will evaluate the damage and decide how to best handle this situation.

Many parents don’t think that baby teeth are such a big deal since they will be lost anyway. However, their health is crucial to the health of permanent teeth. Baby teeth that are lost too soon may cause a misalignment in permanent teeth, which can lead to bad occlusion, tooth decay, cavities, and so on. So it is not a good decision to just let it be and wait for the problem to pass, as it almost always gets worse if left untreated.

What your St. Louis pediatric dentist can do, however, is to fit your child spacers, braces or other dental fixtures that will keep the proper spacing between the permanent teeth and help them align nicely.

When to Go to the Dentist

Many people go to the dentist only when their problem does not go away and it causes so much pain that they can no longer treat it at home. This approach to oral health is not effective and often leaves you with long term problems and complications. Your child should be seen by a dentist regularly even when there is no apparent problem. Regular check-ups will help the doctor monitor the little one’s development and the health of their teeth and gums.

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Updated: May 31, 2024

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