Top 6 Reasons You Have a Toothache

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Toothaches! They’re unbearable and one of the most common reasons people go to the dentist. But just like any other pain, toothaches result from an illness or event. And this leads us to the question: what conditions have ties to toothaches? Here are the top common causes of toothaches and how our dentists at the Dental Anesthesia Center can help you relieve toothache.

  1. Acidic Diet – When eaten in large quantities, acidic foods such as citric fruits, pickled foods, soft drinks, sour cream, and wine can lead to tooth sensitivity, which causes toothache. An acidic diet weakens the enamel, thus exposing the dentine, which houses the tooth nerves. It’s this exposure that causes teeth to hurt.
  2. Tooth SensitivityTooth sensitivity also referred to as tooth hypersensitivity, is an irritation when you take hot, cold, or sweet things. This mostly happens when you already have weakened enamel. Further exposure of the inner dentine to such conditions causes the tooth to hurt. It may also result from a previous dental operation such as filing, worn down crowns, tooth decay, grinding teeth, and excessive brushing. Luckily, a quick visit to the Dental Anesthesia Center can help you manage this problem.
  3. Gum Recession – While brushing your teeth regularly is a good oral and dental hygiene practice, your brushing habits, such as the type of toothbrush and brushing method, can cause gum recession and teeth pain. You can prevent gum recession by using toothbrushes with soft bristles and brushing in a circular motion. However, it would be best to visit a dentist for a thorough diagnosis and treatment.
  4. Sinus Infection – Sinus infection or sinusitis occurs when air-filled sinuses get blocked by mucus. The blockage inflates the sinuses, making them swollen, thus exerting extra pressure on the teeth. The exerted pressure then causes the upper molars and, in extreme conditions, the low jaws to hurt.
  5. Teeth Whitening – While teeth whitening plays a critical role in making teeth beautiful and shiny, it could be the reason why your teeth are hurting. Teeth whitening procedures involve applying hydrogen peroxide on discolored teeth, which, if in contact with the enamel, can cause tooth sensitivity.
  6. Overlapping Teeth – Crowded teeth are another condition that can cause toothache. Crowded teeth overlap each other and exert pressure on the jaw and other teeth, thus causing pain. They may also harbor bacteria which increases the risk of dental cavities. Common symptoms of overlapped teeth include a change in your teeth’ shape and pain in the wisdom teeth.

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Updated: August 31, 2023

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