Should Parents Worry if Baby Teeth Aren’t Falling Out?

There are times when the permanent teeth are ready to surface, but the baby tooth hasn’t fallen out yet.

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One of the most exciting times in a child’s life is losing their baby teeth. Although they are called baby teeth, it is possible for the teeth to remain until a child is at least 12 or 13 years old and in some instances, they can be stubborn enough not to want to come out at all!

Babies roll over, sit, walk, and talk at different stages of their development, and the same is true when it comes to a child losing their baby teeth. In most cases, there is no hurry for baby teeth to make their way out. However, there are some developmental issues that require the professional attention of a pediatric dentist. There are times when the permanent teeth resting above or below the temporary ones are ready to surface, but they don’t have the room because there’s no available space.

Don’t Force It

If the tooth is not loose enough to come out, it is best not to try to pull it until the tissue has dissolved enough for it to come out fairly easily. The key is not to force it. Just like most things in life, trying to force something can do more harm than good. The chances that you will get it to come out before it is ready are pretty low. And you can end up hurting your child or causing them anxiety when it isn’t necessary.

It is best to leave your child in control of trying to wiggle away at the tooth. Although they will likely ask you for help, it’s like letting them brush their own hair: allowing them to remove it on their own usually ends up with the least painful result. There might be times when the tooth doesn’t fully dissolve, and the tooth breaks off; if there are any remaining fragments, they will probably come out on their own without any need for assistance. But if they appear to be of concern and the gums start to swell or cause redness, then it might be time to call your child’s dentist to ensure that there isn’t an infection brewing.

What about the Permanent Teeth in Waiting?

There is always the chance that the baby teeth won’t come out in time to make way for the permanent ones resting behind them. If that is the case and you start to see the permanent tooth emerge before the baby one has come out; then it is time to take your child in for a dental exam. In some cases, the baby teeth not coming out can cause damage or allow your child’s teeth to shift. If the baby’s teeth won’t come out, then you might have to have them surgically removed, but only a pediatric dentist can make that determination.

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Updated: January 31, 2024

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