Oral Care for Patients with Intellectual Disability

With perseverance, patience, and determination, many of the challenges associated with intellectual disabilities can be overcome when it comes to oral health.

Providing oral care to children or adults with intellectual disabilities requires adaptation of your everyday skills. Intellectual disability is a disorder of mental and adaptive functioning; it is not a disease or a mental illness. Instead, it is a developmental disability that varies in severity and is generally associated with physical issues.

Oral health is a vital component of healthy living. But for patients with intellectual disabilities, establishing and maintaining a routine of good oral hygiene can be challenging. However, with perseverance, patience, and determination, many of these challenges can be overcome.

Challenges for Patients with Intellectual Disability

A person with an intellectual disability may experience more dental problems due to sensitivities around the mouth, difficulty with brushing, diet, and trouble receiving dental care. They may not be able to verbalize complaints about any dental problems they may be experiencing.

When it comes to going to the dentist, people with an intellectual disability frequently have anxiety about dental treatment. Some react to their fear or anxiety with uncooperative behavior, such as crying, kicking, wiggling, aggressive language, or anything that will help the avoid getting treatment.

For this reason, establishing good oral health habits at home as well as taking them to the dentist for regular check-ups are essential. At The Dental Anesthesia Center, we utilize several techniques to help children and adults with special needs.

Dental Care for Those with Intellectual Disabilities

When it comes to treating patients with intellectual disabilities in St. Louis, The Dental Anesthesia Center is one of the top facilities in the state. We use cutting-edge technology alongside sleep and sedation dentistry in many cases. Our team of dentists is well-trained and equipped to handle any patient, especially those with intellectual disabilities.

Dr. Hoffmann and Dr. Thoms are able to complete dental procedures for patients with special needs requiring general anesthesia or sedation. Individuals with special physical or mental needs can receive complete dental care in a comfortable setting. Patients with special needs can have a thorough exam that includes taking x-rays and receiving dental cleaning with general anesthesia. Our team is compassionate and here to help patients accomplish dental care that they may have never had before.

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Updated: September 28, 2022

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