How to Make Up For a Tooth Fairy No-Show

If the Tooth Fairy is a no-show, don’t feel too bad. No parent is perfect and it’s easy to forget.

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No parent is perfect, and there are times when they forget things or mess up. With so much on your plate, you can’t possibly remember everything. Losing a tooth is such an exciting time in the life of a child, that if the Tooth Fairy is a no-show it can leave you as a parent feeling horrible. But fear not – there are ways to make it up to your child with an excuse that can wipe all the unhappiness away. These are the best ways to make up for a Tooth Fairy no-show.

Bring them back to their bed and pull a magic trick

If your child comes to get you and is sad that the Tooth Fairy forgot them, then take them back to bed with a dollar in hand. Rustle through the bed, planting the dollar so you can “find” it, and let them know that they must have been so restless in their sleep that the dollar got shifted around in the bed.

Tell them that the Tooth Fairy takes one day off a week

If the Tooth Fairy forgot to come collect, then tell your little one that everyone needs a day off. Even if they were slightly disappointed, just let them know that the day the Fairy chooses is always random and it just means they will come the next day. That will give them one more day of anticipation. Just make sure to have the money ready to go, so that they aren’t disappointed two days in a row!

Have the money prepared ahead of time

To make sure that the Tooth Fairy doesn’t forget, have a little tooth box ready and waiting. Hide it under the bed before your child even loses their tooth, so that you won’t ever forget and end up feeling bad. Once it is emptied, refill it again and hide it in a new place in the room. Prevention is the best way to make sure not to disappoint your child by falling asleep before you get to it or forget to plant the money altogether. If you don’t get to take the tooth, just tell your little one that the Tooth Fairy’s bag must have been full, but she will be back later to pick it up.

Pay for the teeth in a lump sum

If you know that you probably will forget to leave money every time your child loses a tooth, pay close attention to it the very first time and make a big deal about it by giving them a bigger sum of money. Tell them that the Tooth Fairy is paying ahead of time for all of their teeth, and forget about the hassle of doing it each time. Sure, it might seem a little like a cop-out, but if you know yourself well enough and don’t want to disappoint them, they will be okay with a larger sum of money if you make a big enough deal out of the first.

As parents, you have so many things to remember and do. If the Tooth Fairy is a no-show, don’t feel too bad; everyone has forgotten something. The best way to ensure that she always shows up is to have a plan ahead of time so that you never disappoint.

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Updated: February 13, 2019

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