Healthy Foods that May Not Be Good for Your Teeth

A study done by Berkeley researchers indicates that the sugar in sports drinks contributes to tooth decay.

Choosing which foods are healthy and which are not is very difficult given that it seems like dietary rules are tweaked or changed completely every couple of years. Further complicating matters is that certain foods are reasonably healthy overall, but are not suitable for your teeth. Here are some of the foods that are considered healthy but can actually be detrimental for your dental health.

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Here’s the good part about smoothies, they are usually filled with fruits and vegetables that are packed with vitamins and minerals. The bad part is that they also contain lots of sugar and acidity. Those are both very bad for your oral health. The best way to combat this is to keep sugar-heavy and acidic ingredients out of your mix. That means Greek yogurt over flavored yogurt, relatively low sugar fruits like blueberries over high sugar fruits like cherries, and avoiding citrus.

Granola Bars

This crunchy snack has been marketed into being a health product, but its health consequences do not back that up. The primary reason is that they are often very high in sugar. When children consume it, their teeth can suffer. The best way to avoid this is by choosing a granola bar with very low sugar content or skipping it altogether.

Trail Mix

Trail mix is on our list for two main reasons. The first is that it often has high levels of sugar. Sometimes that is clear, through M&M’s or other sweets, and sometimes it comes from healthier sources like dried fruit. When choosing a trail mix, shoot for one that is dominated by nuts and has very few sweets. The second reason is that nuts are quite hard and can be difficult to chew. Most people will be fine with them, but if you have a sensitive jaw or teeth, you should stay away.

Sports Drinks

At one point, sports drinks were considered to be healthy alternatives to soda. Gatorade was developed primarily for athletes because they were losing electrolytes and fluid when active but were not replacing them. Gatorade and other sports drinks help replace carbohydrates and electrolytes while hydrating at the same time.

While sports drink like Gatorade may be better than water for athletes and children who engage in prolonged, vigorous activities, they are full of sugar. The majority of people who drink these sports drinks are not athletes. A study done by Berkeley researchers indicates that the sugar in sports drinks may actually be contributing to child obesity. In addition to the caloric intake, sports drinks also contribute to tooth decay.

Staying Healthy

The world of nutrition is hard to navigate, but given enough attention to detail, you can feed yourself and your child a diet that is healthy. The thing you must remember is that health goes far beyond nutrients and that even some foods that are considered healthy can have consequences you would not expect.

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Updated: February 13, 2019

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