Fluoride Treatment: Overview, Its Benefits, and Safety

Fluoride treatment is just one of the many ways our team ensures your oral health is maintained.

Over the past decades, the dramatic rise of dental cavities has led to new treatments to fight this tooth problem, bringing hope to patients. One of the most popular solutions for caries is Fluoride Treatment.

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What Is Fluoride?

To help you understand what fluoride treatment is, we must first tell you what fluoride is. So what is fluoride? Fluoride is a natural-occurring chemical element found in water, the earth’s crust, and food. It is often added in small amounts to public water supplies to help prevent cavities, osteoporosis, and mild forms of gingivitis.

As a parent, you must make many decisions about your child’s health and well-being. One subject that has long been debated is whether or not children are getting enough fluoride. Since fluoride is not easily monitored and can be toxic in large amounts, how do you know if your child is getting enough for their dental health but not too much to be harmful to their overall health?

Why Fluoride is Important

Fluoride is important because it has been scientifically proven to prevent cavities in children. It works by protecting the child’s teeth from acid. By strengthening the enamel, it stops tooth decay. There are also studies to indicate that it can cut down on the signs of early tooth decay into adulthood.

If you live in an area where you are supplied by municipal water, then your child is probably getting enough fluoride to protect their teeth. But if you are already getting fluoridated water through your tap, is there the potential that your child is getting too much? The truth is that, yes, fluoride does reach a point where it becomes toxic. However, if you are getting fluoride only through your tap water, then it is reasonable to be assured that they are getting all they need but not too much.

What is Fluoride Treatment?

Dental cavities occur when plaque acids and bacteria remove minerals (calcium, fluoride, etc.) from the hard, outer surface layer of your teeth. A fluoride treatment is a process in which a certified dentist applies fluoride to the surface of your teeth. The goal of fluoride treatments is to add lost minerals to the teeth through a process called re-mineralization. This helps strengthen the teeth, making them less susceptible to cavities.

What Are the Benefits of Fluoride Treatment?

  • Re-mineralization: As already mentioned, these treatments restore lost tooth minerals. This helps the teeth regain their strength and protect them from oral health problems.
  • Prevents tooth decay: When applied to your teeth, fluoride fills the holes and dentinal tubules that form in the initial stages of dental cavities. This prevents your cavities from progressing into deeper and more severe caries. The fluoride also protects the enamel from being attacked by bacteria that would lead to cavities.
  • Preserves your picture-perfect smile: Fluoride treatments also help repair and maintain your perfect smile by strengthening your jawbone and restoring your natural tooth structure.
  • Saves you money: Routine fluoride treatments will help you fix oral issues early before they turn into more expensive problems. This will, in turn, help you reduce the cost of your dental care.

When Should You Schedule a Fluoride Treatment?

According to American Dental Association (ADA), you should schedule a fluoride treatment every six to twelve months. That said, you can always get your fluoride treatment earlier than usual if you notice any cavities symptoms.

Are Fluoridated Treatments Safe for Your Child?

Yes, fluoride treatments are certainly safe. The process is quick and painless. Besides, the dentist will only apply a small amount of fluoride to your child’s teeth.

Does My Child Need Fluoride Treatments?

If you live in an area in Missouri where your water doesn’t contain fluoride and you aren’t supplementing with fluoridated water, you should discuss any potentially necessary treatments with your child’s dentist. They can guide you to whether fluoride treatments or supplements are healthy and warranted. Just make sure to check with your St. Louis pediatric dentist before making any decisions about supplementation or withholding fluoride to ensure that your child is getting enough for the health of their teeth and their overall well-being.

Don’t Try DIY Fluoride Solutions

Don’t try home fluoridated remedies; they can damage your enamel and weaken your gums and teeth. Instead, consult a dentist. The dentist will assess the levels of fluoride that your teeth need and design the best fluoride treatment for your teeth.

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As you can see, professional fluoride treatments are essential for oral health. At The Dental Anesthesia Center, we have many years of experience in different forms of dental care. Fluoride treatment is just one of the many ways our team ensures your oral health is maintained. Contact us today to learn more.

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Updated: May 31, 2024

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