“Dr. Hoffmann and the Entire Team Are ALWAYS So Kind, Gentle, Caring and Understanding”

Each of our patients come to us with their own unique dental story. We listen. It enables us the ability to provide everything it takes for each of them to have a “wow” experience. Our reward is the gratitude expressed by our patients. Today Cooper’s mom shared his unique “story”.

Meet our “gentle giant” Cooper. He was diagnosed with autism at 22 months of age and is now about to turn 21 years old. No matter what age he is, he will always be our “forever baby!”

Dr. Hoffmann and his team of professionals have helped us care for our Cooper for many years now. When having regular dental visits with our pediatric dentist became too difficult for Cooper to manage, she (Dr. Dunagan) referred us to Dr. Hoffmann for general anesthesia. Our neurologist (Dr. Mantovani) even refers patients to Dr. Hoffmann because of his reputation for excellent care for special needs family members.

I want to say that over the years not only has Dr. Hoffmann taken care of Cooper’s dental needs, wisdom teeth extractions, but so much more. We need blood draws and lab work taken regularly to help Coop’s team of doctors (neurologist, psychiatrist, pediatrician) maintain appropriate levels of medication (behavior meds, seizure meds, etc.) and Dr. Hoffmann does this while Cooper is under anesthesia! We seriously don’t know how we would accomplish this without him…look at the pictures…Coop’s strong and big and would not sit still for labs!

Dr. Hoffmann and the entire team are ALWAYS so kind, gentle, caring and understanding of individuals with special needs AND extremely reassuring to the family members who are always a little stressed from the situation. He is willing to help you through anything, trimming fingernails, taking off bandaids, removing skin tags! Those “crazy” things that parents think “how in the world can we do this” but just by communicating with Dr. Hoffmann, he can maybe do “that too” while your special person is under anesthesia!

Again, Cooper will be “our forever baby”, as well as a ”forever patient” of Dr. Hoffmann’s and The Dental Anesthesia Center.


Anna Hyland (Mom)

Updated: March 6, 2019

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