Dental Sedation for Kids: Is It Safe?

Dental sedation for kids can be a safe and effective way to help children feel more comfortable and relaxed during dental procedures.

Dental sedation for kids is a common practice used to help children relax and feel more comfortable during dental procedures. However, many parents are concerned about sedation’s safety, especially regarding their children.

At The Dental Anesthesia Center, we work hard to make our patients feel at ease by providing exceptional patient care in a relaxed, safe atmosphere. Oral sedation is an excellent and low-risk option for kids who are anxious and either don’t want to open their mouths or can’t sit still when required.

What Is Dental Sedation for Kids?

Sedation is the administration of a sedative by the dentist to keep kids calm and relaxed during dental procedures. Sedation also numbs the affected area so dentists can conduct dental procedures without hurting the child. Dental sedation is necessary for the following:

  • Children with severe dental anxiety
  • Kids with special needs
  • Uncooperative kids
  • Kids requiring extensive and invasive dental work

Types of Dental Sedation

Nitrous oxide is a mild sedative inhaled through a mask placed over the child’s nose. It is commonly used to help children relax and reduce anxiety during dental procedures. Nitrous oxide is safe and effective for most children and has few side effects. However, it may cause nausea, vomiting, or headaches in some children.

Oral sedation involves using a medication, usually a pill or liquid, to help the child relax and reduce anxiety. The medication is generally given about an hour before the dental procedure. Oral sedation is safe and effective for most children but can cause drowsiness, dizziness, and nausea.

IV sedation involves the use of medication that is delivered directly into the child’s bloodstream through a vein in the arm. This type of sedation is usually reserved for more complex dental procedures or children who cannot tolerate other forms of sedation. IV sedation is generally safe, but it carries a slightly higher risk of complications than nitrous oxide or oral sedation.

Before and During the Procedure

Overall, dental sedation for kids is considered safe when administered by a trained and experienced pediatric dentist or anesthesiologist. Before the procedure, the dentist will carefully review the child’s medical history before the procedure and discuss any potential risks or complications. The child’s vital signs will be closely monitored during the procedure to ensure their safety. After the procedure, the child will be closely monitored after the procedure until they are fully awake and alert.

Why Choose The Dental Anesthesia Center?

Dental sedation for kids can be a safe and effective way to help children feel more comfortable and relaxed during dental procedures. However, it is essential to choose a qualified and experienced pediatric dentist and to carefully consider the risks and benefits of each type of sedation.

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Updated: May 2, 2023

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