Causes of Brown Spots on My Child’s Teeth

Both external and internal things can lead to brown staining on a child’s teeth.

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It can be alarming to see your child’s teeth showing signs of blotchy brown stains. Teeth staining can affect your child’s appearance and self-confidence, so it is important to know what can cause it and the best way to prevent it.

Both external and internal things can lead to brown staining on a child’s teeth. To know how to prevent them, and if it is already present, to eliminate it, it is important to know what the cause is.

The following list can help you discover potential causes for the stains on your child’s teeth:

  • Dental cavities – One of the most common reasons for brown staining in children’s teeth is dental caries (also called cavities). Poor bottle feeding, oral care habits, or nutrition might be to blame for your child’s dental cavities.
  • Genetic factors – Some children may have brown stains on their teeth because it is hereditary and an inherited trait. Not everyone’s teeth are the same shade.
  • Major Trauma – When a tooth has experienced significant change or trauma, it is not uncommon for it to stain. This type of staining is especially common with impact injuries.
  • Too much fluoride – If your child ingests too much fluoride, it can cause tooth discoloration that can lead to staining of the teeth known as fluorosis.
  • Early tooth decay – Tooth decay results from poor oral care and can not only affect baby teeth and lead to staining, but it can also carry into the permanent teeth if the decay gets underneath the tooth and is able to damage the gums.
  • Chromogenic and iron bacteria – Chromogenic and iron bacteria is the result of staining done by certain medications, foods, and drinks. Certain acne medications are famous for this.

What should you do if you notice brown stains?

If you notice that there are brown stains on your child’s teeth, or that there are recent changes to the color of them, then it is best to call your pediatric dentist to have them examine your child to find out what the cause is and how you can correct it.

Sometimes the fix is an easy one and sometimes it might be more complex, but the earlier that you tackle the problem, the more likely you are to get a good outcome and do away with the teeth staining. Addressing any staining immediately is also important to prevent it from spreading to other teeth, or to prevent it from becoming permanent.

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If you notice that there are any changes to your child’s teeth, or if they have had oral trauma that you fear might lead to staining, it is important to discuss what options are available to fix the stains on your child’s teeth and to restore them to their original shade of pearly white. Call your pediatric dentist today to address any concerns that you might have about your child’s oral appearance.

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Updated: May 31, 2024

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