6 Fun Dental Apps to Make Your Kid Love Brushing His or Her Teeth

If your child is already using mobile devices and you’re having trouble getting them to brush their teeth, test out some of these apps and find the right match for you!

Kids nowadays are familiar with how to use a mobile device, but they still need help when it comes to some basic healthy habits, like brushing their teeth. Parents are trying various methods to make brushing more fun and enjoyable and create a positive association in their children’s minds.

Luckily, there are plenty of solutions to make brushing and flossing fun, and we have compiled a list of six excellent app examples that can help parents and their kids.

Disney Magic Timer (iOs and Android)

This Disney license app by Oral-B is going to have any little Disney, Marvel, or Star Wars fans excited about brushing their teeth, with characters like Darth Vader, Belle, Olaf, and many others. You have to pair it with an Oral-B toothbrush and used twice a day to unlock new pictures in the app. This encourages the kids to use the brush regularly and do the brushing for at least two minutes.

Toothsavers Brushing Game (iOs and Android)

An app that uses the power of a good story to make children brush twice a day, Toothsavers features an evil witch that sends cavities to everyone’s mouths, and who can be defeated by brushing twice a day for at least two minutes. After 30 days of regular brushing, the evil witch can be defeated, and hopefully, the habit is already set in your child’s routine.

Brush DJ (iOs and Android)

This very simple app allows you to play music for your phone for exactly 2 minutes, which is the minimum amount of time kids should spend brushing their teeth. In addition to playing their favorite songs, this app also allows them to choose the color of the display.

My Teeth (iOs)

Thorough brushing is important, which is why parents have to assist their children for a few years before they brush on their own. This app is very helpful, because it shows the proper technique in a fun way, and allows parents to brush their child’s mouth with full cooperation from his side.

My Bright Smile (iOs and Android)

This app by Colgate has five mini-games that include visiting the dentist, choosing a healthy diet and brushing your teeth. It is meant to teach the little ones about how to keep a good overall dental health by not only brushing but also having the right diet and seeing the dentist regularly. As with most dental health apps for kids, it also features a song that will encourage your kid to keep on brushing for at least two minutes.

Time 2 Brush (iOs and Android)

An app created for Aquafresh, this fun game makes brushing fun by presenting lovable characters and allowing the child to personalize them and collect more. 

If your child is already using mobile devices and you’re having trouble getting them to stay still during brushing, test out some of these apps and find the right match for you!

Updated: February 2, 2022

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