5 Pediatric Dental Health Tips For Fall

Fall is here in St. Louis, which means school is back in session, football is here, and the leaves are changing.

Another thing that often goes on in Fall is a decline in children’s oral health. The reasons for this include falling out of routines, Halloween candy, sugary drinks, and more. Below, we will discuss 5 oral health tips that should keep you, your children, and your St. Louis pediatric dentist happy throughout the season.

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Solidify Routines

Often, when schedules change, so do routines. With Fall arriving, your children are probably back to school. This radical lifestyle shift can lead to failing oral care if you’re not careful. To avoid this trap, make sure your children are carrying out their regular dental routine every morning night. If they do not, try doing it with them to make it a fun, communal event. Doing so will make your children much more enthusiastic about their oral health.

Handle Halloween

When Fall comes, so does Halloween. While this might be your children’s favorite time of year, it can easily become a nightmare for their teeth. All of that candy can damage their oral health and quickly lead to cavities. Still, you should not feel obligated to cancel Halloween altogether. Instead, handle it in a smart and moderate manner. One way to do so is setting a limit on candy consumption per day and not being afraid to throw it out after some time passes.

Pack Lunches

Over summer, you can control almost every meal your children have. Once the school year comes around, they often have much more freedom to eat unhealthy food that damages their teeth. You can lessen this risk by packing your children’s lunches most days. Doing so will give them healthy, teeth-friendly options rather than the problematic food that they might find at school.

Football Season

If you’re a football fan, you may host or attend small viewing parties on Sunday. While these events are fun, they also usually feature poor dietary options. Between soda, chips, and other snacks, navigating these events can be a minefield for your children. Just as with Halloween, you don’t have to ban them from consuming any foods and drinks they love. Instead, be aware of the risks associated with some snacks and limit their consumption.

Sugary Drinks

An unfortunate truth about sending your child to school is that they often have access to vending machines. Considering how many adults have trouble staying away from soda, you can imagine that children find it even harder. Additionally, many kids start their favorite sport in the Fall. At practices and games, there may be pressure to consume sports drinks. If you can, try to curb this behavior by educating your children about the dangers of sugar.

While Fall comes with many positive aspects, it can be problematic for your children’s oral health. That being said, with common sense rules and habits, you should get them through the season with any issues. Of course, if some oral health issue comes up anyways, you can always speak with our St. Louis pediatric dentists to set up an appointment.

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Updated: January 18, 2019

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