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St. Louis Dentist Receives Missouri Dental Association’s Highest Honor

Named 2012 Dentist of the Year 

Dr. Michael Hoffmann, a general dentist and board certified dental anesthesiologist in St. Louis, was named the 2012 Missouri Dental Association (MDA) Dentist of the Year for his leadership, passion and outstanding service to the dental profession.

Dr. Hoffmann is an esteemed member and 2005 past president of the Greater St. Louis Dental Society (GSLDS) and has been a vigorous supporter of organized dentistry for 23 years. He is currently a member of the Greater St. Louis Dental Society Board of Directors; serves as Vendor Relations Chair of GSLDS Council on Scientific Sessions; is President of the Society’s Central District; is a member of the GSLDS Leadership Membership Committee; participated at the ADA Recruitment & Retention Meeting where GSLDS was awarded with the Best Practice Award, and helped develop and implement the Dental Society’s Recycle Event, SIU Recruitment Event and Practice Match Up Event.

Dr. Hoffmann has demonstrated outstanding service to the dental profession with his active role in educating colleagues as well as staff. He conducts Nitrous classes at Forest Park Community College, teaches Sedation Assistant courses and lectures on Anesthesia and Sedation. Dr. Hoffmann has worked diligently to improve the sedation regulations for the profession. He reviewed over 85 sedation cases for renewal of sedation permits for Missouri dentists, consulted with the Missouri Dental Board on sedation issues and consulted with the Missouri Attorney General’s office on dental issues. Dr. Hoffmann is an active participant in community service by participating in Give Kids a Smile’s Smile Factory that provides dental care for needy children under general anesthesia; the Donated Dental Services program and Upward Smiles at St. Francis Health Department.

Dr. Hoffmann’s dedication and commitment to organized dentistry as well as his community service and work with regard to public safety makes him an outstanding choice for 2012 MDA Dentist of the Year. Dr. Hoffmann is a 1988 graduate of the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio and practices at 950 Francis Place, Suite 305 in St. Louis. Dr. Hoffman can be reached at 314-862-7844.

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