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If you are fearful of the dentist ,don’t worry, you are not alone! Many people avoid dental care only to find themselves in a dental crisis, suffering. Does the need for extensive dental care combined with time-consuming visits and overwhelming fear sound familiar?

Dr. Michael Hoffmann and Dr.Sean Thoms are general dentists certified by the Missouri Dental Board in General Anesthesia and Deep Sedation. Dr. Victoria Daugherty is a general dentist who has completed a residency in Hospital Dentistry with additional training in sedation. They understand that fear and have a comfortable solution.

Nearly half of people with dental problems avoid dental care because of their fears and anxiety. Modern, safe anesthesia techniques allow the fearful patient to have dental procedures accomplished without the anxiety associated with dentistry.

Multiple visits can be eliminated with sedation. Oral health, after years of neglect, can be restored in as little as one visit. Oral sedation, IV sedation, and general anesthesia services are available for all types of dental care, including fillings, crowns and bridges, root canals, gum therapy, implants, cosmetic dentistry, and more. The DIAGNOdent cavity-detecting laser, Velscope light (for cancer screening), and the All-on-Four implant denture are examples of cutting-edge technology.Invisalign Orthodontics and Sleep Apnea appliances are also available.

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